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MAY & JUNE, 2023

Intense ocean adventures await. Focused 6-day and 8-day itineraries include a push for dream in-water encounters with ocean wildlife off Baja. Join filmmakers Steve de Neef and Diego A. Garcia on Ocean Safaris that take us way out in search of excitement.




NOV 2022, 2023

One of the world's most whale-rich areas awaits on this exploratory trip. Our goals are to photograph, film and swim with BLUE WHALES, sperm whales, dolphins, pilot whales and more, in the area experts call the "marine mammal superhighway." 




NOV 2022, 2023

Come face to face with 15-foot Manta Rays and Molas! Search for sharks on reefs and in caves. Bali is a meeting point of pristine nature, rich culture and divine spirituality. In the Coral Triangle of Southeast Asia, Bali is one of the world's most spectacular destinations, offering us the ultimate trip for ocean-lovers.



* Trip details are subject to change.