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BAJA, Mexico 2023

Join us on incredible Ocean Safari excursions, starting in Los Cabos, Mexico, and travelling across the Baja in search of sharks, rays, marine mammals and pure adventure! These are unique forays into remote marine areas of Baja, for intense ocean experiences.   


Los Cabos-La Ventana-La Paz


May 2023 - 6 nights hotel, 4 boat days - $3950* per person (with Diego A. Garcia)

June 2023 - 8 nights hotel, 6 boat days - $4995* per person (with Steve De Neef)

Includes: hotels, boat costs, land transfers, breakfast, lunch/snacks, guides, permits, access to cameras, and a video of your trip!

Possible species include orcas, schools of Mobula Rays, fin whales, whale sharks, dolphin superpods, etc. A large diversity may be encountered across 3 locations. In La Paz/La Ventana. Note, Orcas are naturally rare. We estimate about a 10-15% chance of encountering orcas.

Does NOT include: Flights, insurance, alcohol, dinners, etc.

*sale price for a limited time, twin-sharing.





Your Guide & Underwater Cinematographer

As a broadcast cinematographer, Steve has filmed for the BBC Natural History Unit series "Shark", multiple shows for National Geographic including the 2017 documentary "Sea of Hope", and worked extensively on the Disney+ and National Geographic series "Secrets Of The Whales" where he filmed multiple firsts including a sperm whale calf nursing from it’s mom. He's an ideal guide to get you close to wildlife for dream encounters, and generally a cool guy to chill with! Steve is always available for tips and tutorials for video or photo shooters. 



Producer / UW Camera 

At the age of 24, Diego was handed an underwater camera and whisked away on a 10-episode travel show across Southeast Asia. Now with 15 years experience, Diego’s work as a producer and underwater cameraman has appeared on Discovery Channel (Shark Week), National Geographic, Crime & Investigation (AETN), CNN, CNA, TVO, etc. He has filmed in more than 25 countries, from prisons in Mongolia, to ancient rituals in Indonesia, to whale sharks in Mozambique. PADI Divemaster and DCBC cameraman.


Our groups will meet up in Los Cabos and make our way based on recent sightings. Leaving the shores behind, we'll embark on our private panga boat, which we will enjoy on the water each day, returning to our hotels (or homestays in more remote locations) in the afternoons. A maximum of 5 snorkelers per boat plus guide. Guests should be prepared to spend long days- 8 hours or more - on a boat searching for wildlife. We operate like a documentary shoot - so if we hear word of animals in different locations, we discuss options to relocate midway. It is an intense and wildlife-centric experience for ocean people.  


No matter what anyone says, as divers and experienced explorers we know that in nature there are no guarantees. But the Baja is one of the world's most incredible ocean wildernesses, giving us the best chances for unforgettable adventures on the water. 

This project brought to you by Documentary Trips

& Latitude Encounters:

Marina, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico


All trips are subject to the local permit process.

Details may be subject to change. Be in touch before booking your flight or vacation!

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