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Bali, Indonesia is considered by many to be the Island of the Gods. Its divine energy reaches beyond its Hindu temples and shrines, and can truly be found in every corner of the island.

Bali is a filmmaker’s dream- breathtaking landscapes, melodious sounds, welcoming communities and endless stories. Hone your skills in a place where music, dance, nature and religion are entwined. We invite you to capture this magic on camera, both on land and underwater.

Divers will love Bali...

Parallel itineraries for Land and Water will be on the menu. Choose to spend time in the artistic hub of Ubud, see the holy volcano, Gunung Agung, and of course the famous rice terraces of the island. Divers will prefer to be surrounded by Bali's coral reefs, the perfect destination to try out your underwater camera skills.

Guests will have the opportunity to operate TV cameras if they choose, both above and below the water. Drones and GoPros also available. Definitely bring your own cameras! The climax of the trip will be the animal encounters for some, the cultural immersion for others. But no one will forget the Balinese traditional food festival known as Tempek Uduh. The God of Food, Sanghyang Sangkara will be celebrated on Dec 1, an epic send-off on our final day in Bali.

Want to know more about this trip? We'll keep you posted:

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Special Guest: Kadek Dewi Aryani

Dewi is a well-known dancer, choreographer and performer in Bali, and we are beyond fortunate to have her as part of our team. Not only is Dewi the perfect subject for a profile in Bali herself, she grew up in the arts capital of Ubud, and can guide us through her community of artisans, musicians and dancers. You want to film backstage at Ubud's biggest shows? You want to interview a local priest about the connections between art and religion? If anyone can get us access, it's Dewi. And if we get really lucky, we just might get invited to a local temple during a major festival or event, like a wedding or even a tooth-filing ceremony. 


Full Video Workshop 

3-4 instructors, access to production gear, specialty cameras, etc.

Dates: November 26th- December 1st, 2018 

$4,450 USD

(does not include international flights)

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