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One of the world's most whale-rich areas awaits on this exploratory trip. Our goals are to photograph, film and swim with BLUE WHALES, SPERM WHALES, DOLPHINS, PILOT WHALES and more, in the area experts call the "marine mammal superhighway." East Timor is Asia's youngest country, a hidden gem that has yet to be discovered by the masses, just a 2-hour flight from Bali.



$4450 per person



(tentative dates)

$4450 per person

Max. 4 snorkellers per boat

Includes: 8D/7N oceanfront hotel, 5 boat days, land transfers, breakfasts, lunches, guides, permits, access to cameras, and a video of the trip! 

Does NOT include: Flights, insurance, alcohol, dinners, etc. 

Blue whales will be our top priority, along with other marine mammals. If we are lucky all guests will have numerous in-water attempts at up-close encounters with various species. Snorkelling is the best choice for both our own mobility as well as keeping our intrusiveness to a minimum, as required by the government permits of our local boat operator. Guests should be prepared to spend long hours on a boat searching for whales, but we may also encounter whale sharks, mantas and many other cetaceans. 


East Timor is an incredible setting, with immaculate beaches, true exploration away from tourist crowds, and the sheer number of marine mammals. Our group will meet up in Dili, the capital, and make our way based on recent sightings. We will enjoy our own private boat, with a scheduled 5 days on the water, departing early and returning to our air-con hotels in the afternoons to cool off.

There will be a maximum of 4 guests/snorkelers per boat plus a guide and skipper. We will be sailing with an experienced crew with a proven track record, in a region that is only recently being revealed to boast one of the world's highest marine mammal densities.

East Timor Leste Blue Whale Dolphin Common Species




Producer / UW Camera 

At the age of 24, Diego was handed an underwater camera and whisked away on a 10-episode travel show across Southeast Asia. Now with 15 years experience, Diego’s work as a producer and underwater cameraman has appeared on Discovery Channel (Shark Week), National Geographic, Crime & Investigation (AETN), CNN, CNA, TVO, etc. He has filmed in more than 25 countries, from prisons in Mongolia, to ancient rituals in Indonesia, to whale sharks in Mozambique. PADI Divemaster and DCBC cameraman.


This trip is created for the ocean-loving types who are serious about travel and want to experience something few others have. Most of our days will be dedicated to achieving in-water encounters with marine mammals, an experience that you will feel in your core and never forget the rest of your life. 

Our daily whale searches will take place in the home to a major migratory route for numerous whale species. The seafloor here plummets to 3,000 meters (9,890 feet), marking the boundary between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. This huge flow of water is the great blue wilderness you've been dreaming of! 

No matter what anyone says, we know that in nature there are no guarantees. And we are after one of the rarest sights in the world. The reality is that weather and animal behavior, of course, are all beyond our control. Yes, it is a long way to go. All of these things are true, but these are Blue Whales! Seeing one up-close underwater or even just near our boat is as unbelievable as it seems. It is worth the effort and with some luck, it could be legendary!

Part of what makes the experience unique is its remoteness. There are few international flights into the country, departing mainly from Indonesia and Australia. Being this far off the beaten path means we need to be prepared for the unexpected and pack loads of patience -- a small price to pay for authentic ocean exploration. 


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*All trips to swim with blue whales are subject to local government permit process.

Details may be subject to change. Be in touch before booking your flight or vacation!

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