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To witness a blue whale swimming is one of the rarest sights in the world. Nestled in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an island nation that is home to countless marine mammals, including an impressive population of blue whales. We now have a tremendous opportunity to offer guests the rare chance to join us on an expedition to see and film these animals up close...

$3950* per person

March 1-7, 2021

Includes: 7D/6N in a beautiful hotel, all overland transfers, breakfast, lunches, boat, guides, permits, workshops, access to cameras, and a video of your trip! Based on twin sharing.

Ideal for: Intermediate/Advanced

(open ocean swimming).

Does NOT include: Flights, insurance, alcohol, dinners, etc.


Reserve my spot with US$400


We'll keep you in the loop

Our group will meet up in Colombo, and make our way based on recent sightings. Leaving the shores behind, we'll embark on our private boat, which we will enjoy on the water for 5 days, returning to our beach hotel in the afternoons. There will be a maximum of just 4-5 snorkelers per boat plus a guide. With our experienced crew, rest assured you’ll have the best possible chance to dive into the ocean and await the serene experience of seeing the blues as well as other species.

Snorkeling is the best choice for both our own mobility as well as keeping our intrusiveness to a minimum. Guests should be prepared to spend long days on a boat searching for whales. You can choose to test your underwater camera skills with us, or let us do the filming and take home an amazing video of your experience to share online with friends. Sign up to borrow a camera, try out our drone, or join a photo or video workshop.

There are very few places in the world that allow a person to try this. Documentary crews prefer Sri Lanka as a top option for both the climate and the sheer number of whales. There is the potential for other ordinary whale "watching" boats to be on the water, but our boat will have special permits that allow filming/swimming. We should aim to get on the water early, stay out longer, and go out farther if we have to than the regular boats. And with far fewer people!  

Back on land, we'll enjoy an awesome beach and a lovely hotel with beautiful pool!


This trip is created for the adrenaline and wildlife types who are serious about their large animal encounters. For some of us, seeing a blue whale is our number one Top Bucket List desire! An experience that you will feel in your core and never forget the rest of your life. Yes, it is a long way to go, but these are Blue Whales! It is as unbelievable as it seems.

No matter what anyone says, as divers and experienced explorers we know that in nature there are no guarantees. And we are after one of the rarest sights in the world. However, there are many reasons it is so rare. First, it's a logistical challenge just to get there. Second, you need a skilled and experienced crew to get you into a position where you can catch a glimpse. Third, the reality is that weather and animal behavior of course are all beyond our control. But if you can get yourself to Sri Lanka, one of the best places in the world to try, we will do our best to get you into position. After that, it's up to you... and the whales.

People often ask if a single or 2-day trip is available. At Documentary Trips we approach these experiences the same way we approach our shoots: we need the best possible odds! Our goal is to give you a real chance at having a meaningful interaction with a whale. There may be those touting lower prices for day trips, but according to Sri Lankan law this practice is illegal! To avoid fines or problems with police, swimmers need to apply for personalized permits. We take care of this process for you beforehand for peace of mind.

This trip is open to all, however we consider it an intermediate to advanced trip in terms of cultural immersion and strenuous activities. If you are in reasonably good shape, a decent swimmer and have a sense of adventure, you'll have a great time! We welcome you to join us in Sri Lanka.



Producer / UW Camera

Diego wears many hats. Currently a Field Editor for, Diego recently wrote about a blue whale encounter, named one of the Top 10 stories of 2018. He is also a producer and underwater cameraman whose work has appeared on Discovery Channel (Daily Planet, Shark Week), National Geographic, CNN, Crime & Investigation (AETN), CNA, etc. He has filmed in more than 25 countries, from whale sharks in Mozambique, to ancient rituals in Indonesia, to prisons in Mongolia. His first love is the ocean, and he is trained as a PADI Divemaster and DCBC cameraman. 

"I have had some amazing moments underwater in my life, but filming the blue whale was the pinnacle of my career. I can't wait to try again."


Producer / Writer

Courtney is where she is today because of an old, dusty National Geographic magazine that she found when she was 10 years old. The vivid images and weighted tales sparked her drive to travel and her love for in-depth storytelling. With a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University, Courtney is currently a freelance writer and a producer for Documentary Trips. Previously, she was an associate producer for Discovery Channel's nightly science news show, Daily Planet, where she worked with subjects from around the world, translating dynamic science content into digestible stories. 




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All trips to swim with blue whales are subject to the Sri Lankan permit process.

Details may be subject to change. Be in touch before booking your flight or vacation!

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